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Mike Pence and Kamala Harris get their own cocktail pouches | Most DC Thing

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence are the latest politicos to get a custom drink pouch, which means something good came out of the VP debate.

WASHINGTON — Today’s Most D.C. Thing comes to us courtesy of D.C.’s Capo Italian Deli on Florida Avenue NW. Capo is the same deli behind the popular “Fauci Pouchy” drink in a plastic pouch. 

This time around, they have crafted cocktail pouches based on the participants in Wednesday’s vice presidential debate with the “Piña Kamala” and “Mike Pencicillin.”

I ask again: What’s more D.C. than politics and drinking? Especially during a pandemic? The only way it could be more D.C. is if it asked you what you do for a living while making small talk.

The Capri-Sun-style drinks also serve a purpose as the packaging includes QR codes that lead to voter registration information and voting and ballot drop-off information. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Just make sure you write down or save that information for later on when you’re sober.

Capo’s Beverage Director Rohit Malhotra has steered clear of making any Trump or Biden drinks due to the President’s coronavirus diagnosis, but once he’s medically cleared, it’s a safe bet that those two will get the pouch treatment as well. These drinks would have come in handy during their debate as the world watched them talk over each other the entire time.

Politically themed happy hours will always be a D.C. Thing. Even if we have to get them delivered via DoorDash.

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