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A giant trampoline is on the move | Most DC Thing

A local driver decided it was time to bounce in the most literal sense.

WASHINGTON — Today’s Most D.C. Thing comes to us courtesy of NeyNey Coles who Tweeted “@reesewaters had to share this pic for the Most D.C. Thing” with pictures of what appears to be an SUV driving with a giant trampoline on its roof.

I know pandemic times are hard and Six Flags is closed for the most part, but there has to be a better way to entertain the kids. This looks dangerous. I’m pretty sure that trampolines don’t come from the store already assembled. This screams out “Craigslist.”

This is the Most D.C. Thing because this driver decided he or she is going to get that trampoline home by any means necessary. Nothing will get in the way of that mission. Not even obstructed vision. Or the law for that matter.

In a month that’s seen golf carts on the highway and people doing wheelies on bikes with one wheel facing oncoming traffic, this is on-brand for the D.C. area. In fact, it’s pretty tame by those standards. I’m just happy no one was jumping on the trampoline while it was on top of that moving vehicle.

Hopefully the children whose parents risked it all to get them this trampoline appreciate it. Mommy and Daddy love you. So much so that they endangered everyone on the road so that you could have something to do in the backyard when you’re done with virtual classes.

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