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VERIFY: Yes, your mailed ballot will be counted no matter how close the race is. Here's the deadline for dropping them off in the DMV

Local election officials assure that no matter how tight the race is, your mail-in ballot will be counted. Here's a look at the process.


Is it true that mail-in ballots do not get counted before or after an election unless the vote is too close to call?



All properly filled-out ballots in the DMV region will be counted no matter how close or far apart the vote counts are.


DC Board of Elections

 Maryland State Board of Elections 

Virginia Department of Elections


A viewer recently asked us: “Is it true that mail-in ballots do not get counted unless the vote is too close to call?” 

We went right to the experts and sent the question to election officials in  D.C., Maryland and Virginia. They each told us that ALL ballots sent by mail will be counted regardless of how the election is shaping up, meaning each and everyone does count. 

As long as all ballots are properly filled out and mailed on time, they assured us that those ballots WILL be counted.

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Credit: AP
FILE - In this Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020, file photo, a person drops applications for mail-in-ballots into a mail box in Omaha, Neb. Mail voting is starting in the presidential election as North Carolina is sending out its first batch of ballots. The battleground state on Friday begins to send out about 600,000 ballots to voters who've requested them. Those voters are overwhelmingly Democrats and independents, reflecting a partisan split in voting methods that's developed since President Trump started attacking mail voting in March. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)

In D.C., ballots must be postmarked on or before election day, November 3rd, AND must arrive no later than the 10th day after the election, November 13th.

In Maryland, ballots must be dropped off or postmarked by election day, November 3rd

And in Virginia, ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, November 3rd at 7pm AND must arrive by noon on November 6th.

According to The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), the number one reason why a mailed ballot gets rejected is because it was never signed. So make sure your signature is on your ballot to ensure your vote is counted.

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