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'She was my everything' | Father of Fairfax County teen killed in crash vows to keep her memory alive

Ariana Haftsavar is one of the two teens who were killed in a crash on Lee Chapel Road on Tuesday.

LORTON, Va. — Two teenagers were killed and another was seriously hurt, after a crash Tuesday night on Lee Chapel Road in Fairfax County.

"I never thought I'd have to bury my child," said Bahman Haftsavar.

His daughter, Ariana Haftsavar, 16, was one of the teens who was killed. She was a student at South County High School.

"She said 'Daddy I'm gonna be a moneymaker in this house. I'm gonna be a lawyer and take care of all the problems,'" he said.

He says Ariana, his only child, was on her way home from SAT Prep Tuesday night. The class ended at 9:15 p.m., and she would usually arrive home by 9:30 p.m.

When she didn't return home, Haftsavar says his wife began tracking Ariana's phone. 

"She said the car is stopped. I said where? She said on Lee Chapel Road. Immediately I knew something was wrong. Within seconds I was in my car," he said.

Haftsavar told WUSA9 as he made his way to Lee Chapel Road, he and his wife called Ariana over and over, but it just kept ringing.  

"She never ever didn't answer my call," he said.

As he pulled up to the scene, he saw flashing lights and ambulances. "There were so many," he said.

He says he was so scared as he got closer, and eventually saw a car upside down. He says the first responders told him to stay back.

"I shouted at them my daughter is in that car. It was upside down, it was in pieces," he told WUSA9.

He was overcome with emotion. 

"My heart had the heart failure, they brought an ambulance and they took a couple of EKGs," he said.

As he sat in the ambulance, Haftsavar said an officer walked up to it, and asked him his daughter's name.

"I told him 'it's Ariana.'"

He told WUSA9 "without any hesitation, he said she passed."

Through tears, he said, "I couldn't take it anymore. I can not forget that moment. It was so hard, so cold, so scary."

Haftsavar said Ariana was in the backseat of the car. He said she and one of her best friends, Ashlyn Brotemarkle were killed. Another teen who was in the car was seriously hurt.

He told WUSA9 that Lee Chapel Road is an incredibly dangerous road and is begging for changes to the road where his daughter took her final breath.

"Enough is enough! Please change this road," he said.

A Change.org petition calling for changes to Lee Chapel Road had garnered thousands of signatures as of Thursday night.

As Haftsavar looks to the future, he told WUSA9 he hopes to eventually start a charity in Ariana's name, vowing to never let her memory fade.

A family friend has created a GoFundMe Page to help the family with funeral costs. 

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