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Easterns Automotive gives $2500 to Black Lives Matter DC

Thank you to Easterns Automotive Group for Sponsoring this segment.

WASHINGTON — Reese Waters said, "I am fortunately joined by Joel Bassam. He's the Director of Marketing at Eastern Automotive but I’m also joined by a core group organizer for Black Lives Matter DC Ms. April Goggans. April what is going on?"

April Goggans, Black Lives Matter DC, Core Organizer said "We have a lot going on. So you know our regular job is to make sure that we are interacting with our community."

She added, "We’ve been doing Mutual Aid for the past three almost 4 months for Covid making sure that people are still connected with food diapers whatever they need we make deliveries I think we’re close to 5,000 deliveries."

Waters said, "WUSA9 as well as Easterns Automotive group always likes to help people out here doing big things in the community so tell me, how people can support the organization?"

Goggans replied, "Well first join in." 

She added, "There are a million ways for people to plug-in and none of them is too small that doesn’t exist in a movement.

Waters said, "I know Joel has something he wanted to add."

Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing, Easterns Automotive Group said, "So first of all I’m blown away by what you guys have been able to achieve, continue to achieve and I’m so confident that the local chapter is going to take this movement and make it sustainable and make real change for our communities."

Bassam added, "You know PG County and DC are really important to us as a company. We've been here for 32 years and we really believe in what you were doing and we stand with you all in every way that we can."

Bassam said, "We want to back that up with a check for $2500 to continue this movement and support all the things that you guys are currently doing and will continue to do throughout this."

Goggans replied, "Thank you so much we really appreciate it. And every penny will go back into DC."

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Credit: WUSA9