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Get Up Give Back surprises Kindness Community Group with $1k donation

We’ve partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to give out cash and pay it forward!

WASHINGTON — Right now, hospital workers and people on the front line battling the coronavirus have it tough but the Kindness Community group in Spring Valley is brightening their days. That’s this morning’s Get Up Give Back. 

The group of 5 women, who are neighbors in DC are raising money, buying meals from restaurants and delivering them to area hospitals and nursing homes. 

Kathleen Norris, is the Kindness Community's Organizer and she said, "The nurses and doctors are so grateful it is really a humbling experience, lots of “God bless you” and “God be with you” responses from them and I think they feel good just to be supported by the community,"

Waters asked, "And how many people would you say you’ve served at this point?"

She replied, " We've made 30 deliveries to probably 40 or 50 people each so maybe 1500 people.

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Waters asked, "Kathleen do you have a specific goal or a particular period of time that you want this service to operate for?"

She replied, "I never had any idea it would get this big so hopefully will be able to keep it going as long as we need to."

Waters said, "That’s awesome well obviously we want to help contribute and make it bigger as best we can part of that is by telling your story and soliciting for people to help you guys but another is directly so Easterns Automotive Group has empowered us to help folks like you that are doing such great work in the community so on behalf of WUSA9 and get up DC and Easterns Automotive Group I would like to pledge $1000 to the Kindness Community so you can continue to do what you’re gonna do

She replied, "Thank you so much that is awesome thank you very much."

"Absolutely," Waters said.

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"Thank you and thank you to all the people have donated and supported us it’s really been overwhelming and very humbling," Norris said.

Get Up DC wants to thank Easterns Automotive Group for partnering with us and sponsoring the segment.

Credit: WUSA9

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