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'I was treated like an animal' | Man files lawsuit against PGPD alleging police brutality

Ali and his council allege that a gun was pointed toward Ali's head by an officer and that Ali was dragged out of his car, handcuffed and arrested.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. — A man is suing Prince George's County and Prince George's County police officers and alleges he experienced police brutality. 

Umar Ali, a Black man who was driving home from a car show in Laurel, Maryland was stopped by police at a checkpoint stop on April 3, 2022, where Ali and his council allege that he was assaulted and wrongfully arrested by Prince George's County police officers, according to a press conference on Thursday.

The incident was filmed by a bystander and posted on Youtube showing the situation involving Ali and the officers.

Ali and his council, Attorney Malik Shabazz, stated he is a registered gun owner in Maryland. During the press conference, Ali and his council, Malik Shabazz, claimed that Ali announced his registration status, that he had his gun, a Glock-17, concealed in his car and showed officers his gun permit during the stop.

“This about the rights of a Black gun owner,” said Shabazz.

Council continued to explain during the press conference that the gun permit stated "please contact Maryland Guns Center prior to any law enforcement action."

Police and officials have not disclosed any information on whether a call was made to the Maryland Guns Center during the checkpoint stop. However, Ali's council claims that a call was not made to the organization.

Following this, Ali and Shabazz explain that police allegedly mistreated Ali and "went wild." During the conference, Ali and his council allege that a gun was pointed toward Ali's head by an officer and that Ali was dragged out of his car, handcuffed and arrested. Furthermore, the council states that Ali was put into a police car to be driven to a Laurel police station.

During the press conference, Ali's council stated that police searched Ali's car. On the way to the station, Council alleges that the police received a call that informed them that Ali's gun permit was valid. Following this enlightenment, police removed Ali's handcuffs and released him, according to Shabazz.

WUSA9 has reached out to PGPD and the Prince George's County Executive's Office multiple times about the reasoning behind the checkpoint stop and the details surrounding the incident. Both offices have declined to comment on the incident entirely.

Ali explained during the press conference that following this incident he no longer feels comfortable carrying his gun.

“Honestly I don’t carry my firearm,” said Ali. “I feel more endangered.”

“I was treated like an animal,” said Ali “Is the system really built for me? Is the second amendment and fourth amendment even valid?”

According to court documents provided to WUSA9, the lawsuit was filed against Prince George's County and two PGPD officers and includes one count of false imprisonment/false arrest and one count of assault and battery towards the two PGPD officers. An additional count was filed against Prince George's County for negligent training/supervision. Ali is seeking $700,000 in damages for each count.

Officials have not released any information regarding the status of the officers. WUSA9 is not publishing the names of the officers receiving the allegations because their employment and charge status has not yet been confirmed.

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