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Prince George's County man creates walk-through sanitation station that's getting worldwide attention

CEO Donald Toatley says NBA, FIFA and Metro are now eyeing his SafePass Intelligent Disinfectant Station or SafePass ID to add a layer of protection in public.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. — An entrepreneur in Prince George’s County is getting worldwide attention over an invention that will help in the fight against COVID-19.

By now, we are all pretty used to our “new normal,” which includes face masks and social distancing, even though some people may still be uncomfortable in public.  

But what if there was a tool out there to give you more peace of mind about your environment? Turns out there is.

Donald Toatley, who has a background in biology, recently developed a SafePass Intelligent Disinfectant Station or SafePass ID which is designed to do everything from temperature checks to disinfecting an entire person with a vaporized solution.

Credit: Doanld Toatley

It’s a tool he believes will save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“My hope, number one in developing this,  is that we can save lives,” Toatley said. “My goal is to be able to save a least a billion lives worldwide.”

Before you enter the station, a device will detect your temperature and face mask. Then you’ll apply hand sanitizer from a dispenser attached to it.

Once inside the unit, which uses UV light to kill germs, a person is required to spin twice as vaporized hydrogen peroxide disperses. The UVC light is deemed safe by expert Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University, according to Toatley.

“The chemical solution kills 99.99 percent of fungus, bacteria and virus and it’s tested using USP 51 method,” said Toatley in a video demonstration.

He has already sold more than 130 SafePass stations worldwide, including to a theme park in Malaysia. Other locations include Spirit of Faith Christian Centers, D.C. Housing Authority, Fastmed urgent care centers and more, according to Toatley who said Floyd Mayweather just made a purchase for his gyms.

The NBA, Metro and FIFA are also interested, according to Toatley. The model costs $15,000. 

“People feel more comfortable knowing at the bare minimal, their body has been disinfected and they’re going through some kind of process,” he said.

Toatley is already developing a second model of SafePass, which includes enhanced features for contact tracing and adjustable motion sensors. But no matter how advanced the technology gets, he reminds us all to do our part in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

“I think everyone can play a part in helping to mitigate this virus and return to normal,” he said.

One day, Toatley hopes the machines will be paired with rapid response tests so people can enter an environment without a mask and still be safe.

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