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A look at the 11 different varieties of Cherry Blossoms in DC

The National Park Service says the two most common types that dominate the District now are the Yoshino and Kwanzan.

WASHINGTON — Did you know there are 11 different varieties of Cherry Blossom Trees in D.C.? According to the National Park Service (NPS), the two most common types that dominate the District now are the Yoshino and Kwanzan.

The famous cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin are mostly Yoshino cherry trees, which produce the white blossoms that create the white cloud effect. NPS says Yoshinos are a hybrid flower that was first introduced in 1872, now they are one of the most popular cultivated flowering cherry trees. 

Among the Yoshino trees are a few Akebono cherry trees, which produce pale pink blossoms. The Akebono and Yoshino trees will flower at the same time, according to NPS. 

The second most common type of cherry blossom tree is the Kwanzan, which is named after a mountain in Japan. Kwanzan branches produce heavy clusters of pink double blossoms and tend to bloom two weeks later than the Yoshino trees. 

It is important to note, that not all of the varieties will blossom at the same time, Okame Cherry trees are known to be the earliest flowering cherry.

The 11 varieties of cherry blossoms include:

Yoshino Cherry

Flowers: White, single in clusters of 2 to 5, and almond-scented.

Kwanzan Cherry

Flowers: Double, with about 30 petals, in pendulous clusters of 3 to 5, sometimes more, clear pink and fading but small, up to 2½ inches across, with many more or less petaloid stamens often partly concealing the two green leafy carpels which protrude from the center of the flower.

Akebono Cherry

Flowers: Single, pale pink that fade to white, in clusters of 2 to 5.

Weeping Cherry

Flowers: Single, pink. This variety is very variable and select cultivars differ in form and color. (i.e., "Pendula Rosea", single deep pink flowers; "Pendula Plena Rosea", double, pink flowers; "Pendula Alba", single, white flowers; "Rosey Cloud", double, bright pink flowers; "Snowfozam", single, white flowers, etc)

Takesimensis Cherry 

Flowers: White, in large clusters with short pedicels.

Autumn Flowering Cherry 

Flowers: Semi-double, pink. During warm periods in the fall and winter months they will open sporadically and then fully flower the following spring.

Usuzumi Cherry

Flowers: Single, white, truning to grey.

Sargent Cherry 

Flowers: Single, deep pink, in clusters.

Fugenzo Cherry 

Flowers: Double, about 30 petals, rose pink, becoming lighter with age but never white, up to 2 inches across, in pendulous clusters of 4 to 6. This is one of the oldest cultivated cherry trees in Japan.

Shirofugen Cherry

Flowers: Double, in large clusters, white when open aging to pink.

Okame Cherry

Flowers: Semi-double, pink. The earliest flowering cherry.

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