Every fitness newbie has probably felt that post-first-workout hangover! Don’t let those aching muscles and depleted energy prevent you from sticking with a routine right off the bat!

Fitness expert Victoria Brown says it’s probably from not properly fueling your body before the workout and failing to recover post-workout. Brown has the top four fitness supplements to help you prep, power through, and recover from a workout.

1. BPI Sports Best Energy™ Liquid Water Enhancers

This bottle has it all: caffeine, citrulline, taurine and agmatine sulfate to help provide you with a quick burst of energy says Brown. BPI Sports Best Energy Liquid Water Enhancers won't leave you with the shakes or jitters, so use it any time you need a pick-me-up during your day!

o $25.49/ 6 Pack (One month supply)

o www.bpisports.com

2. HTWO Hydrogen Water

HTWO™ Hydrogen Water is an elemental formula™ of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas infused into purified water says Brown. HTWO™ is a metabolic beverage™ that: boosts endurance, reduces lactic acid, reduces fatigue and provides antioxidants.

o $28.00/ 7 Pouches

o www.HTWO.com

3. Rainbow Light’s Vibrance Women's Multivitamin plus Balance & Energy

This multi-vitamin supports estrogen metabolism, promotes steady, natural energy levels and eases digestive complaints and supports gut health, says Brown.

o $54.99/ one month supply

o www.rainbowlight.com

4. RX Bars

Protein packed and ready to go. Brown says RX Bars are the best post-workout snack you need to keep in your gym bag. Pure egg white protein, 100% natural chocolate, and a perfect balance between salty and sweet. Tastes decadent, but good for you.

o $25.99/ 12 bars

o www.rxbar.com

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