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DC activists have come up with a way to entice skeptics to vaccine centers | Reese's Final Thought

DC Marijuana Justice has a plan to get folks in line to get vaccinated

WASHINGTON — Beginning phase 2 of DC Health’s planned rollout this week, Mayor Bowser announced on Monday that the coronavirus vaccine is now available here for folks 65 and older. Hopefully, we’ll soon get to the point that vaccinations are readily available to the rest of our population.

Despite assurances of health care officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci and seeing others like our soon-to-be president and vice president take the shot, there are a lot of people who still feel a little nervous about getting vaccinated. 

As an enticement, a local group of activists have come up with an idea that they think will get people to line up strong. They plan to offer up a little something something to the masses. A little parting gift to lift the spirits and maybe smooth out some of the anxiety.  

D.C. Marijuana Justice has plans in the works to have volunteers pass out free baggies of the good good at vaccinations sites around the city. 

Calling the effort Joints for Jabs, the group hopes to use the giveaway as both a draw to bring skeptics and the fearful in, and as an educational opportunity.

Now, contrary to the name, they won’t be giving out actual pre-rolled joints. That presents a health risk during a pandemic. The plan is to have volunteers in masks and gloves hand out individual bags outdoors. Safety first.

Don’t think they can’t get this done either. DCMJ is the same group that orchestrated and got initiative 71 passed in 2014, legalizing possession. 

By the way, that went through with 69 percent of the vote, so the majority of y’all seem to be with it.

There are of course going to be people who might find a problem with this plan, but listen, we need to get folks vaccinated. The sooner that happens, the sooner we get to herd immunity and back to some semblance of normalcy. So I tip my hat to DC Marijuana Justice for some outside of the box thinking, and if I owned a food truck I would be trying to link up with them. There’s money to made and it’s a win win for everybody.

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