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Top deadly weather hazards might not be what you'd expect (Hint: It's not tornadoes)

In 2017, floods ranked number one for weather related deaths.

Dark clouds, heavy rain and punishing winds are not only hazardous, but in some cases deadly. Here's a look at the most deadly weather hazards in 2017, according the latest information available from the National Weather Service.

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Flood was the number one weather related killer. Most people died from being caught in the water or in their cars in flood waters. Most flood victims were males. Flooding was also the number one weather related killer in 2016 and 2015.

1) Flood, 116 people killed. 71 male victims , 42 female victims.

2) Heat, 107 people killed

3) Rip Currents, 70 people killed

4) Wind, 50 people killed

5) Hurricane, 43 people killed

6) Tornado, 35 people killed

7) Cold, 26 people killed

8) Lightning, 16 people killed

9) Winter, 14 people killed

Heat still remains the overall weather related killer based on 30-year average.