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How the big business of youth sports is exacerbating inequities for student-athletes

The youth sports industry now rakes in more money than the NFL, bigger than DC Government's 2022 operating budget.

Eric Flack, Ruth Morton

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Published: 9:29 PM EDT May 13, 2022
Updated: 8:53 AM EDT May 14, 2022

The business of youth sports is exploding at an unimaginable rate. Families are making big financial sacrifices to help their young athletes reach the next level, but – according to industry experts – this sacrifice is creating an uneven playing field for some children.

One of the most extreme examples of youth sports spiraling out of control came in April during a 10 and under baseball game in Abilene, Texas, when a little league baseball coach was thrown out of a game after he assaulted an umpire, shoving him to the ground.

In the now-viral video of the incident, you can see the 10-year-old players standing in stunned silence as the umpire lays motionless on the field. The coach, whose name was not released by the league, was permanently banned by tournament organizers.

Credit: WUSA9