Lovettsville, VA -- Everyone has their own way of celebrating the big win. But a small Loudoun County, Va. village is taking it to another level.

The town council voted on Thursday night to change the town name to honor the Caps.

After 182, the town founded by tradition bound German immigrants is shaking things up.

"I think that's pretty cool, I like that," said Henry Pearson, as he cleans up the grass in front of the town sign.

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When asked if he thought Capitalsville will fit on the sign, he said "we might have to make it smaller print, but we can get it on there."

Capsitalsville, Capitalsville, lets Go Capsville! The town is leaving the final name up to the Capitals. But starting soon, Lovettsville, population 2,300, may start switching out it's signs in deference to it's favorite hockey team.

"I don't want it to be permanent, but if that helps them win, let's do it," said Pearson.

Resolution 2018-05-0002 Renaming the Town in Honor of the Washington Capitals by WUSA9-TV on Scribd

Outgoing Mayor Bob Zoldos hit on the name change while watching the second round of the playoffs.

"It's been a long time since we had a championship team in this town, and the Capitals are bringing it here and they're going to the Stanley Cup."

Fans insist the shouting was almost as loud at Velocity Wings on the town square as it was at the arena watch party. At this point, the manager said you can call the town whatever you want.

"Anything anyone wants to say. Let's go Caps, Rock the Red, it's great for this town. You can feel it," said Glenn Wooten.

Not everyone is convinced.

"I almost feel like by the time we get it done, it will be over," said Casey Shapiro.

The mayor promises it's just temporary...unless they win the Cup!.

No really. Lovettsville will only be Capitalsville from Thursday night until the Stanley Cup final is over. And the Mayor promises the name change will not cost residents a thing. Council members are planning to pay for the new signs out of their own pockets.