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Here are the 21 best dugout dances of the Nationals season

The Nats outfielder celebrated his birthday the same day of the Nationals' first home World Series game.

WASHINGTON — Happy 21st birthday, to the Juan and only! Nationals outfielder, Juan Soto, has been known not only for his game-clinching plays but also for his personality-packed dance moves.

While dugout dances are usually reserved for home runs -- which Soto has had three of in the postseason alone -- we thought the best way to celebrate the milestone would be to show off his teammates' moves. 

Here are 21 of the best Nationals dugout dances to celebrate 21 years of Juan Soto, in no particular order:

1) Rendon sprinkling some legendary moves.

 2) That time even stoic Strasburg skipped with joy.

3) The iconic Macarena, Suzuki style.

4) Ryan Zimmerman "walking" it on back.

5) Howie Kendrick doing... well, the Howie Kendrick.

6) Adam Eaton and Kendrick parking it up, together.

7) Dozier putting in that twerk, twerk, twerk.

8)  That time Michael Taylor left us saying 'woah.'

9)  Dozier 'dab'-bling in some new choreography. 

10)  ... and because teammates have Dozier's back, literally.

11) Cabrera bringing new dimension to the ol' twist and shout.

12) Lean back and fire, Turner style.

13) Robles with his hands in the air like he just don't care.

14) Surfin' Suzuki with the floss.

15) Trea Turner with the hop and groove.

16) Rendon teaching us us how to Dougie.

17) Pop those Soto shoulders!

18) Scherzer serving us serious dad vibes.

19) That Strasburg and Parra prom slow dance giving us the bromance feels.

20) Adam Eaton showing us the best dances use helmets as a prop.

21)  And of course, the Soto shimmy for the birthday boy.

So happy birthday, Juan. Hopefully it was as fun as the locker room was after the NLCS win.

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