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VERIFY: Here are acceptable forms of ID to vote in Virginia

In Virginia, you either need a valid form of ID or you can sign an ID Confirmation Statement. Otherwise, you'll have to vote provisionally.

WASHINGTON — The Virginia gubernatorial election is around the corner, with early voting underway.

If you accidentally left your ID at home, there's still a way to cast your ballot according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

While lots of people say 'ID' as a shorthand for driver’s license, there are tons of acceptable forms of IDs you can use; the department of elections lists 16 online.

Some common examples include a:

  • DMV-issued ID card
  • valid employee ID with a photograph
  • U.S. Military ID
  • A valid student ID with a photo of you
  • U.S. passport
  • A recent (12 months or under) utility bill or paycheck, with your name and address

For a complete list click here

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If you don't have any valid ID on you, the department of elections says you can still vote by signing something called an 'ID Confirmation Statement.' If someone lies on the statement, he or she is subject to felony penalties under Virginia law.

If you’re not willing to sign that statement, your only option is voting provisionally. That gives you until noon on the Friday following the election to provide a valid form of ID and make sure your vote is counted.

So yes, even if you forget your driver’s license, you have other ID options, and even if you don’t have any of those handy, you’ll still be able to vote at the very least with a provisional ballot.

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