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VERIFY: Gearing up to ride an electric moped in DC? Here are the rules you have to follow

Before you get ready to roll out on one of those new electric mopeds in DC, our Verify team is giving you all the important rules you need to know.


Are there rules for riding mopeds in DC?


Yes, according to the District Department of Transportation. The company providing the rent-able scooters also has their own rules that you must follow.


DDOT Spokesperson



From dockless bikes to scooters, now electric mopeds are added to the list of ways to get around D.C. 

The four-month test phase is kicks off this weekend - the weekend of Aug. 16 -  so we're verifying, are there set rules for renting and riding mopeds that you need to know?

Verify researchers got in touch with officials from District Department of Transportation for answers.

First up, anyone operating a moped must have a valid driver's license, but Revel requires riders to be 21 and older.

Revel will focus its operations in DC's downtown business district. Before you can ride, you have to download the app first to find a moped and reserve it. 

Credit: https://gorevel.com/washington-dc/

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Here are other rules you need to know:

You're only allowed to ride on streets. So that means no bike lanes, no sidewalks, You also have to park the mopeds on streets in any legal parking space.

Riders are required to wear helmets. Also, riders must pass a $19 background check.

The speed for riding a moped is capped at 30 miles per hour.

So, we verified yes when it comes to riding mopeds in DC, there are rules that will be enforced.

What about the laws for other modes of transportation like electric scooters and bicycles?

According to DC Code, riding electric scooters and regular bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk as long as you stay outside the Central Business District seen here on this map below. 

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