Did CVS donate thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign?


Yes, the company did donate to the Trump campaign, but not since 2017. 


  • CVS Spokesperson
  • Federal Election Commission 
  • CVS Health Corporation Trade Association and Coalition Participation


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A viewer asked Verify researchers to check out a rumor she heard that pharmacy giant, CVS has given thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign.

So is this claim legit?

We contacted CVS and checked with the agency responsible for tracking federal campaign contributions -- the Federal Election Commission. 

According to the Federal Election Commission's records, in 2017, CVS Health gave $35,000 in contributions to Trump Victory, a Political Action Committee. 

A CVS spokesperson sent Verify researchers the following statement:

"The contribution was for an event held with the Republican National Committee over two years ago in 2017. We have not made an additional contribution to the Trump campaign since."

FEC records also shows from 2017 through 2019 the company made contributions to Democratic groups that include the New Democratic Coalition PAC, New Democratic Coalition Action Fund, the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee and Democrats Reshaping America.

The company did donate $500,000 to the America First Policies, a non-profit organization affiliated with pro-Trump agendas and police in 2017, as well according to CVS Health 2017 Trade Association and Coalition Participation report.

So, the Verify team confirmed, the claim CVS donated thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign is true, but only in 2017.

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