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Breonna Taylor's name does not appear in former officer Brett Hankison's indictment. Read the full document here

The officer charged in connection to Breonna Taylor's death was indicted on three counts, but records show those charges have nothing to do with her death.

WASHINGTON — Immediately following the grand jury decision to indict one officer on three counts of wanton endangerment, tweets sprung up all about how Breonna Taylor is not mentioned in the indictment.

The Verify researchers checked the clips of the open court readout of the grand jury's decision. 

In that readout, Taylor's name is not spoken.

The Verify team obtained a copy of the indictment issued by the Jefferson County Circuit Court Thursday, where Taylor's name once again does not appear.

The three counts of wanton endangerment refer to three people who were in a neighboring apartment. None of the counts Hankison is indicted on are related to Breonna Taylor.

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Listen to the readout here:

Before we received the document, we spoke with some experts about whether the charges have anything to do with Taylor or her death. They said no.

“The officers whose bullets hit Breonna were not indicted," law professor Jennifer Kreder told us. "As for what was read in open court, it appears that Breonna’s name was not mentioned."

”Law professor Cortney Lollar said the same: “All 3 of the people who Officer Hankison was charged with endangering were people who were in a different, unrelated apartment.”

So we can Verify none of the recommended charges are related to Breonna Taylor's death, and the official indictment does not mention her.

You can read the full written indictment here:

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