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'Wait for the 6th when we are all in DC to insurrection' | New court docs allege Oath Keepers, Proud Boys planned Capitol riot

The FBI says an Oath Keeper bragged about forming an "alliance" between two militia groups and the Proud Boys prior to the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

WASHINGTON — Newly released court documents allege extremist groups worked together in the weeks leading up to the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

In court filings opposing alleged Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs' pre-trial release, prosecutors included Facebook messages in which Meggs discussed coordination with other extremist groups who were planning to be in Washington on January 6.

Prosecutors claim Meggs wrote on December 19: “This week I organized an alliance between Oath Keepers, Florida 3%ers and Proud Boys. We have decided to work together and shut this (expletive) down”

Prosecutors allege even more Facebook conversations in which Meggs discusses tactical planning between Oath Keepers and Proud Boys and his disdain for DC police officers.

Credit: US Department of Justice
Alleged Facebook message written by Kelly Meggs
Credit: Department of Justice
Alleged Facebook message written by Kelly Meggs

The day after Christmas, prosecutors say Meggs wrote “wait for the 6th when we are all in DC for insurrection.”

Credit: Department of Justice
Alleged Facebook message written by Kelly Meggs

The filings do not make clear who’s idea it was to storm the capitol.

Judge Amit Mehta has yet to rule on the motion of whether or not to keep Meggs behind bars before trail, but Wednesday that same judge ordered one of Meggs co-defendants, Laura Steele, released on bond.

In court filings, Steele’s defense attorney said the North Carolina woman is a former police officer, married to a retired police chief with no prior criminal history.

Prosecutors told the judge her law enforcement background is what makes what she’s accused of so troubling. They allege Steele joined the Oath Keepers days before January 6th with the intent of storming the Capitol and can be seen with other Oath Keepers in a military "stack" formation pushing inside.

Prosecutors also allege Steele disposed of some of the evidence against her in the days after the riot, suggesting she burned her outfit in a fire pit in her backyard and deleted records of her communications from her cell phone.

Judge Mehta ruled that due to a lack evidence that Steele recruited or trained other Oath Keepers or brought weapons to the Capitol, he doesn’t view her as a “danger to community.”

Steele is scheduled to be released on bond this weekend while she awaits trial on conspiracy and obstruction charges.

Judge Mehta ordered Steele to have no contact with anyone associated with Oath Keepers including her brother, Graydon Young, who is charged with her as a “co-conspirator” for his alleged role in the insurrection.

Young is also now waiting for a judge to rule if he can be released on bond.

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