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Video: Hearse driver thought body counted as carpool passenger (it doesn't)

A Nevada state trooper's camera captured the interaction with a driver who thought he was OK in the HOV lane.

The carpool lane is for two or more people on most highways in America. That's two or more living people.

The driver of a hearse in Nevada found that out the hard way. He was pulled over as he was transporting a body in the HOV lane on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas Monday.

The Nevada Highway Patrol, which released body cam video of the traffic stop, said the driver assumed the body in the back counted.

The agency says only living, breathing people can be counted for the HOV lane.

"He won't count," the driver said.

"He's not with us anymore," the trooper replied as the two shared a chuckle.

The trooper let the driver off with a warning.

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