Two mothers in Virginia are using their hobby to help struggling families.

“I'm focused,” Gina Schweppe said.

What they do is serious business.

“It's a highly concentrated activity,” she said.

The Loudoun County moms connected over it – coupons.

“When you find a couponer -- we're best friends,” Schweppe laughed. “It's something that not everyone gets.”

Schweppe, who has a YouTube channel and expertise, and Christina Fedak, who has a passion to help, turned their love of saving money into a non-profit called Loudoun Coupons For Hope.

“To teach families how to lower their grocery budget, but at the same time we also accept donations,” Schweppe said.

The organization’s goal is to be there for young people and families who may need a little help.

“We hope through donations that we are giving them a financial break -- even if it's just a little bit -- for the time,” Fedak explained.  “Either we'll donate them to a shelter or we'll host an event where we'll have personal care items.”

The ladies said the Loudoun County community is extremely grateful for the hard work they do, but this was an easy decision for them to do something they love in order to help others.

“It's a hobby,” Fedak said. “Some people like to cook. They like to play video games. They like to go running. We get that high on the addiction of couponing and we've turned that into a good cause.”\

CLICK HERE to donate to Loudoun Coupons For Hope and to learn more about the organization’s upcoming events.