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Get Up Give Back gives $1K to My Girlfriend's House, Inc

We're always looking for ways to Give Back. So we've partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to recognize people doing things right in our community.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. — My Girlfriend's House started as a networking group for adult women but after meeting some young homeless teenagers in a shelter, the group switched gears and it now empowers young ladies to be better, stronger, and smarter.

Veronica Eyenga, Executive Director of the organization, joined Allison Seymour to talk about its mission.

Seymour asked, "What do you do at My Girlfriend's House?"

Eyenga replied, "We have a mentoring program called the Girl Talk Mentoring Program that is the cusp of who we are. Because it requires a 50-week commitment from myself and any of our volunteers that work with us."

Credit: MyGirlFriendsHouse.org

"These girls are here faithfully every single weekend all day long. And we get into like leadership development. So that's really what that program is about.  What does it take to be a leader and be about your word," she said.

Eyegna added, "We’re not gonna let COVID hold us back. We still want to continue to move forward, we tackle stem, we tackle fashion design, and we also tackle adversary and just teaching our girls how to be advocates for other causes that are youth-centric."

Seymour asked, "What's the biggest misconception? What do you want people to know?”

Eyenga said, "I think the biggest misconception is that there are resources available to them to tap into. That's absolutely not true. And so, what ends up happening is they're hanging out by themselves."

When you have a program like my girlfriend's house, we're not giving them a chance or an opportunity to slip up. Because what happens is, when these girls surround themselves with like-minded individuals, which is other teams that also have a quest to simply be better, then they're less likely to get into trouble. 

Seymour said, "On behalf of WUSA9 and the Eastern Automotive Group, our families together, we're happy to present you with a check for $1,000 towards all the good work for MyGirlfriendsHouse."

Eyenga replied, "This makes me so happy. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for supporting my girlfriend's house. Thank you!"

Credit: MyGirlFriendsHouse
The TeenPreneur Business Expo is a one day interactive event that provides a platform for teen girls to compete for an opportunity to win seed capital and coaching to help their businesses get started.

On Saturday, May 29th, five of the girls will be competing in the Teen-Preneur Business Expo.  They will put their business ideas through a Shark Tank like experience with the winner taking home a very nice cash prize. 

Admission is from and it runs from 1pm to 5pm at the District Architecture Center, 421 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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Your investment propels a girl’s future and gives her the tools to succeed. By supporting our organization, you help teen girls become smart, capable and self-reliant women.

You can make a donation by clicking here.

Thanks again to Easterns’ Automotive Group.

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Credit: WUSA9

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