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Get Up Give Back gives $1K to StepVa.org

We're always looking for ways to Give Back. So we've partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to recognize people doing things right in our community.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — StepVA.org empowers people with special needs through artistic expression and sensory exploration.

Jan Monroe is the groups President and she joined Allison Seymour to talk about the group and its mission.

Seymour asked, "Can you just tell us all about Step VA and what it does for the community?"

Monroe replied, "Step VA is a nonprofit that was founded back in 2013. And it supports people with varying levels of disability. We focus on Theatre Arts, because we understand how empowering they are for all people, particularly those with varying disabilities and or particular challenges in day to day life."

Seymour said, "How has it been for, for those who use the resources at StepVA?"

"So for us, it's just getting back to the basics of human connection. So as long as they're able to see each other and talk to each other, even though it's virtual, they feel comfort," Monroe said.

Then Seymour asked, "How have you seen them blossom or enjoy this time, or maybe find a talent that they didn't know they had or didn't explore before?"

Credit: StepVa

And Monroe replied, "The arts being the arts nature of it being the arts allows for freedom of expression. So, we meet them where they are, wherever they are at that particular moment, and we walk with them. We adapt the environment, adapt the activities and allow them to be themselves."

Credit: StepVa, Noah Finch

"We here at WUSA9 along with our partners at Easterns Automotive Group, we really believe in what you're doing. And thank you for what you're doing for the community and its entirety. And we would like to present you with a check for $1,000 to help in any way that you can for StepVal" said Seymour.

And Monroe replied, "Wow.  Thank you so much, Alison, that comes at a really good time. Thank you. Thank you so much

Do you know someone we should help?  

Let Allison know!

Credit: WUSA9


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