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Get Up Give Back surprises Howard University students by handing out $1K in cash

We’ve partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to give out cash and pay it forward.

WASHINGTON — The Get Up Give Back team headed to Howard University's book store to help offset the cost of books and backpacks. In total, we gave out $1,000 to students.

“We are here at Howard University on the first day of classes giving out some cash,” said Reese Waters.

Waters approached and asked a student in the bookstore, “How much is this?”

“$17,” was the reply.

“$17? OK we want to take care of that on behalf of Easterns Automotive Group,” said Waters.

Reese asked, “How much do these run?”

$8.00 was the answer.

“We want to help you with that. On behalf of Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA9.”

Waters spotted another student and handed him some cash and said, “There you go, player.”

He replied, “Thank you!”

Waters said, “On behalf of Eastern Automotive Group you know whenever that one is just done, get another one man. We need to make sure he stays fresh in the bookstore with a do-rag.”

He said, “I appreciate that.”

Credit: WUSA9
WUSA9 Get Up Give Back with Easterns Automotive Group

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“On behalf of Easterns Automotive we try to bless people on the first day of class. There you go that’s for your notebooks and get you some High Chews or something man you can’t go in there with just notebooks,” said Waters.

Waters approached another student and asked, “How much is that book?”

The reply was $70 plus tax.

“Are you serious,” Waters asked.

“Yes!” she said.

“$70 for that right there.”

She said, “I’m using my whole paycheck I just got over winter break.”

Credit: WUSA9
WUSA9 Get Up Give Back with Easterns Automotive Group

Waters replied,” Well look, you shouldn’t have to use your paycheck that you got over winter break for books so I’m behalf of Easterns Automotive Group we want to help you out with that.”

She replied, “Oh my God! Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.”

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Waters said, “You didn’t work all winter to pay for this right here.”

“What are you out here to get,” Waters asked another student.

“Actually school supplies,” she said.

“On behalf of Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA9 we’re just blessing people on the first day of class,” Waters said.

“Oh, thank you,” she replied.

Waters said, “You pay it forward now and you go ahead and have a bomb semester.”

She replied, “Thank you so much!”

Get Up DC wants to thank Easterns Automotive Group for partnering with us and sponsoring the segment.

Credit: WUSA9

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