LANHAM, MD -- A 15-year-old Lanham girl hasn’t been seen for 15 days and now Prince George’s County Police are classifying her as critically missing.

Janee Monique Deville, a sophomore at Duval High School, has not been to school yet this year. The last time she was seen by friends and family was September 4, the first day of school. She was in her school uniform, standing across the street.

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"Everything I do everyday reminds me of my sister. And the fact that I don't have any way of hearing from her, its taking a big toll," said 29-year-old Justin Bess, Janee's brother.

Bess, and Janee's father Joe Deville were told by Janee’s friends that she and her boyfriend went to New York.

Police are now confirming that there is surveillance video from Union Station that shows the two of them buying a ticket and getting on a bus to New York.

Janee’s family said she has never done anything like this before. Bess said he's traveled to New York five times over the past 15 days searching for his sister.

Police have talked to the boyfriend and say there's no reason to not believe his story. But, at this point, there is no evidence of Janee actually in New York.

Prince George's County Police are working with New York police and checking on surveillance video there.

Janee's boyfriend’s mother drove to New York and brought her son home. She apparently never saw Janee.

“We understand that she did not want to come home,” said Donelan.

Janee and her siblings just went through the painful 10-year anniversary of their mother’s death. Army Sgt. Renée Deville was critically injured by a mortar blast in Iraq then was held as a prisoner of war. She died on September 1, 2008 at Walter Reed Hospital.

"After my mom passed, I just really have my two sisters left and I take care of them a lot. I try to do everything I can as a big brother, be a role model for them," said Bess.

Family doesn’t know if her mother's death has anything to do with Janee’s disappearance.

"It's not easy. It's not easy at all. All I can do it just hope, wish and pray right now. If I could just hear her voice, that would be enough for me right now. But nothing. If she just came walking in, I would greet her with loving, open arms and not even a word as to why she left, or anything. Just want her back," said Joe Deville.

Janee Monique Deville now has very short, white curley hair. If you have any information about her contact the Prince George’s County Police Department at: (301) 772-4911.