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Take care of the equipment you came with

"Everyone is much better off taking care of the equipment you came with because once you start putting the aftermarket parts in you can't be sure the machine is going to operate as well as it did when it arrived in the delivery room." -Skip Davidson, Team #Heartlove

In 2014 Team #HeartLove member Skip Davidson was diagnosed with AFib a quivering and irregular heartbeat that can lead to number of heart-related complications.

Skip Explains, " I was sent for a sleep study that’s where I learned I had sleep apnea so my weight led to sleep apnea and that lead to AFib." He's sleep doctor put him on a CPAP machine at night. Skip found the CPAP to be a huge annoyance. That annoyance motivated Skip to get into shape!

Skip says he asked his doctor, "What do I have to do to get off this thing?" Doctor he would have to 15-20 percent of his body weight. Skip accepted that challenge and with the hlp of his doctor began a strict diet and exercise program going from 287lbs to 219lbs.

Skip is part of Team #HeartLove which consist of 6 people trained by coaches Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichman. Each team member is training to run their very first 5K (3.1 mile) race at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.

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