Scott Broom is a multi-media journalist and WUSA9's Prince George's County Bureau Chief. He cruises his home state of Maryland in a specially-designed one-of-a-kind vehicle outfitted with two cameras, a switcher, and special cell-phone technology that enable him to go live almost instantly from anywhere in the country.

Since 1981, Scott has been informing the public on radio, newspapers, the web and television. He's the humble recipient of two local Emmys, nine AP awards and two Telly awards.

Scott's credentials include reporting from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and from Mississippi and Louisiana during Hurricane Sandy.

He specializes in Prince George's County news, and also covers the Maryland state legislature, environmental policy and community issues. Scott has also served as co-producer of environmental documentary programming in collaboration with sponsors, non-profits and government agencies.

Off the air, Scott is a skiing, paddling, fishing and cycling enthusiast.

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