ELLICOTT CITY, Md. - The Memorial Day weekend flooding on Main Street in Ellicott City marks the second time in nearly two years the city--and that street--have been hit by significant flooding.

Many people online wondered why and how the city could be the victim of such a devastating storm so soon.

WUSA9 Meteorologist Howard Bernstein explained that Ellicott City is the victim of topography.

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Being located next to the Patapsco River and other nearby rivers, plus being in a valley, makes the city especially vulnerable to catastrophic flash floods.

The flooding this Memorial Day weekend was the 15th recorded catastrophic flood in Ellicott City. A little background: The city was first settled in 1766 by James Hood. The grist mill he built on the land was destroyed in 1768, yes, by flood waters.

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The flood from July 30, 2016 took two lives and caused millions of dollars in damage. The city received about 6 inches of rain in a couple hours that day.

In the 2018 flood, about 10 inches fell over the course of the afternoon and early evening. National Guardsman Eddison Hermond died after being swept away in the floodwaters while trying to help a woman rescue her cat.