If you drive through the District, make sure to follow some new laws on the roads.

The city is rolling out the new laws as a part of its Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths on its road by 2024.

Some of the new laws include:

-Speeding 30 mph or higher over the speed limit is a criminal offense
-Speeding 26 mph or higher over the speed limit is a fine of $400 to $500 depending on the road.
-Overtaking another car that has stopped at a crosswalk or intersection for a pedestrian is now a fine of $500.

LINK: New Vision Zero Regulations in DC

Some drivers said they are fine with the changes.

"I think they're good," said driver Bram Velthuis. "People should really try to obey the law. Sometimes you unintentionally speed, but 30 over is not unintentional."

Others fear the punishments that come with the changes could be too much.

"People would be more cautious, which in turn, would be good," said driver Esther Ampomah. "But, at the same time, that's a lot."

The D.C. Council ratified the changes in September. At the same time, DC was experiencing a deadly year on its roads.

Thirty-four people died in traffic incidents during 2018, according to DC Police. In 2017, 30 people had died during such incidents.

Activists, like Rachel Maisler, have kept the memories of some of those victims alive by placing ghost bikes and scooters at the locations where they were killed.

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However, she said she is not so sure the new rule changes will stop reckless drivers from endangering others.

"Will the fines change behavior or create inequity?" she said.

She recalled the death of cyclist Thomas Hollowell who was killed in September on his bike in DC.

The man who hit and killed Hollowell had committed five traffic violations in Maryland prior to taking Hollowell's life.

She cited the driver's behavior as an example where laws did not deter a person from committing similar future crimes.