WASHINGTON – Metro will start running all Yellow Line trains to Greenbelt this Saturday, a month ahead of schedule. The change comes as the system begins a giant improvement project that will close six Yellow and Blue line stations south of Reagan National Airport.

“By making this change now, we can better serve our customers impacted by the summer-long closures,” said Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld in a release. “At the same time, customers on the Yellow and Green lines will benefit from the additional service a bit sooner than expected.”

As a result of the change, nine stations from Shaw-Howard U to Greenbelt will have double the number of trains during rush-hour.

Metro summer shutdown
It's coming. Metro's summer-long shutdown in Virginia starts in just days.

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Metro said a recent weekend simulation of what this summer will look like showed them extending all Yellow Line trains to Greenbelt would improve train spacing, reduce congestion and “maintain Metro’s commitment to operate normal service outside of the shutdown area.”

The stations that will be closed from May 25 to Sept. 8 are the following:

  • Braddock Road
  • King St-Old Town
  • Eisenhower Ave
  • Huntington
  • Van Dorn St
  • Franconia-Springfield

The unprecedented three-month shutdown aims to fix crumbling outdoor station platforms which have been worn away by the elements.  

Metro is providing free shuttle buses and special express buses between popular destinations such as Pentagon Metro. Alexandria’s DASH bus system will operate some buses replacing the Blue Line.

Metro will offer free parking at Huntington, Franconia-Springfield, and Van Dorn Street stations during construction.

Metro projects the shutdown will impact 17,000 daily rush hour riders — almost one in every 10 riders across the entire system.

WMATA has set up a dedicated website about the shutdown with a full list of alternatives for riders.