MCLEAN, Va. -- Michael Selig moved to his McLean neighborhood in search of serenity.

“It was just a nice quiet neighborhood, where it was nice to raise children,” he said.

The feeling here is changing thanks to technology.

“All the time you'll see people driving through either holding their phones -you can even hear it through their cars, often with the windows open, ‘turn left 90 feet,’ that sort of thing.”

Selig blames GPS apps for driving increased traffic through narrow side streets, making the intersection at Old Dominion Drive and Bellview Road even more dangerous.

The area is already known locally for its number of accidents-at least seven this year, up from five in 2017. That area has seen more crashes than at any other intersection along Old Dominion Drive between Georgetown Pike and Dolley Madison Blvd.

“It's just really impacted the ability to live here peaceably and quietly,” he said.

Crashes keep happening, even though officials added flashing lights and regraded embankments more than three years ago.

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Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust admitted it’s a problem.

“It's still not as good as I would like it to be,” Foust said.

Selig would like to limit traffic to locals only, or limit turning at certain times; but, that's unlikely.

“There is not a whole lot more we can do,” Foust said. “The options that remain are: A flashing light at the intersection to put everybody on notice, which is probably something that we will pursue.”

Selig said he suggested a flashing traffic light several years ago. Now he's left to wait and worry about the next crash.

“I feel like somehow we end up not being the priority I thought we should be,” he said.