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You can give up your car for a day to help the environment

Here's how you can get involved in Car Free Day 2023

WASHINGTON — Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier.  All you have to do is ditch the keys and leave your car in park for one day.  

World Car Free Day is happening on Sept. 22, 2023.  World Car Free Day asks people to give up their cars for a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. This including doing things such as walking to work, riding a bike or scooter, or working from home. 

There is a "car lite" option for people who have to use a vehicle.  This option encourages people to do a ride share or carpool to minimize vehicles on the road. 

"Car Free Day in the Washington, D.C. region is part of a global event to invite everyone to leave their cars at home and try alternative transportation options for a day. Whether a commuter, student, or visitor, everyone can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and save money on gas and parking,” said Nicholas Ramfos, Commuter Connections Director. 

“With gas prices increasing and traffic returning to pre-COVID levels, Car Free Day is a great excuse to take advantage of our many alternatives to driving alone like riding the bus, Metro, commuter rail, biking, or carpooling with friends and family,” Ramfos said. 

The Metropolitan Council of Governments, which monitors the air quality around D.C., Maryland and Virginia is encouraging residents to participate. 

To register, go to carfreemetrodc.org.    

According to the Car Free Metro DC website, more than 3,000 people in the DMV have pledged to give up their cars on Sept. 22.  Most plan to walk, telework, or ride a bike or scooter to get around on that day. 

The Metropolitan Council of Governments said those who sign up and pledge will receive a $30 promo code from Nift (Neighborhood Gift) to spend at local neighborhood businesses.  Participants will also be eligible to win great prizes such as a Samsung tablet, gift cards to popular restaurants and stores, annual memberships and more. 

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