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Have you met Jack? Georgetown University's big dog on campus

A day in the life of one of college basketball's most recognizable live mascots.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — More than sixty years ago, Georgetown University adopted an English bulldog as its mascot, and for decades to follow, Jack, has become the face of the storied university. “He’s the big dog on campus. He's kind of hard to ignore. He slobbers, he drools, he gives you kisses, I mean, what’s not to love?” says Georgetown alum, Ben Fraifeld.

“I always thought he was the coolest dog ever, it’s even so fun just walking him on campus, how many people will be like ‘Jack, oh my gosh, Jack, Jack!'” says Georgetown student and Jack Crew member, Emily Fricka.

Jack is Georgetown University's live mascot; an English bulldog that knows how to capture attention. Whether it's during his daily walks around Georgetown's campus, or sitting courtside during Georgetown men's basketball games, Jack is undeniably a show stopper. "Its fantastic getting to see him walking around. He's the best live mascot in the United States in my opinion," says Georgetown student, Conor Murphy. 

Georgetown students, Murphy and Jesse Ryno were quick to tell us, Jack is the most popular figure on campus. "Everyone sees him, they go crazy, he gets everyone rallied up at sporting events," adds Ryno.

“I know a lot of people who say just seeing Jack, makes their day, or makes their week, and no matter what’s going on can just bring everyone together," says Georgetown student and Jack Crew member, Grace Hardymon.

Jack comes with a squad, better known as his crew, which is made up of ten students who have the job of taking care of this university's most beloved pet. Emily Fricka is a freshman on Jack Crew. “We have to be available to walk him a couple of times a week and then also to participate in events. So, it is a time commitment, but you’re hanging out with a dog, the school mascot, so it’s a lot of fun," says Fricka.

Senior Jack Crew member Anna Shaver agrees that taking care of Jack is fun, but it does come with a lot of responsibility. “He’s a dog, very well behaved, very well trained but there's a little bit of pressure with that, especially when you're at basketball games and you're on the megatron, and they’re filming for halftime. There is definitely a lot of responsibility there," says Shaver.

Jack attends every Georgetown home game at Capital One Arena, and just before half, he steps or rather drives, into the spotlight. It's the moment that brings Georgetown fans to their feet. Jack rolls onto the basketball court in a specially made remote-controlled car, and takes a lap for his adorning fans. The cheers and yells don't bother Jack. He appears to love the attention!

But his duties do tire him out, and he spends a lot of time relaxing in the underbelly of Capital One Arena in between meet and greet opportunities.

“He handles it with a lot of grace, he’s very well trained, and you can tell he loves interacting with students and going to different areas on campus," says Georgetown student and Jack Crew member, Tess Seidler.

The bulldog is now a campus staple ever since Georgetown students unveiled the first Jack in 1962. Now, 61 years later, as students say, "Jack is really just the embodiment of Georgetown school spirit," adds Seidler.

Jack is currently in New York City ahead of the Big East Conference Tournament. Georgetown, 11-seed, is set to play Villanova, 6-seed, Wednesday in the first round of the tournament, and Jack will be there courtside at Madison Square Garden. 


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