There comes a time when you realize denial is a real thing.

University of Central Florida football is going through a classic case of this right now.

But do they have a valid point?

Let's break this down.

University of Central Florida had a phenomenal season.

There's no doubt about it.

They finished the regular season 13-0 and leaders of the American Athletic Conference.

Some may say that the AAC is a weak conference, and there's good reasons to think that way.

There were only three teams in the conference to have 10 or more wins, and no team except for one, had a winning streak longer than 2 games.

That team was UCF, and they went on to not only play in the Peach Bowl against the SEC team Auburn, but also win!

But why does UCF say they are deserving of the national champion title?

Auburn, who was defeated by Central Florida, defeated the two teams that will be playing in the national championship game on January 8th.

Those two teams being 12-1 Georgia and 11-1 Alabama.

UCF is very serious about their declaration.

So serious, that they've already scheduled a parade, the banner's on the way, and we can only guess what else will be brought up in the days to come.

Even though I believe that UCF is definitely in denial, they also have the evidence to back up their claims.

So in that case, I too will say that UCF are the 2018 National Champions.

Why not?