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VERIFY: Will a positive COVID-19 test result affect your health care premiums?

Four insurance providers told the Verify team that neither a test nor a diagnosis of COVID-19 would impact health care premiums in 2021.


Will getting tested for COVID-19, or testing positive, impact your health care premiums for 2021?


Our experts say no.


David Allen- America's Health Insurance Plans spokesperson

Cigna spokesperson

UnitedHealthcare spokesperson

Kaiser Permanente- spokesperson

CareFirst corporate statement

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The Verify team looked into a claim about health care premiums, the amount you pay your health insurance each month, being affected by COVID-19 test results.

First, our Verify researchers contacted America’s Health Insurance Plans, which describes themselves online as "the national trade association representing the health insurance community."

AHIP published an infographic in late May explaining what factors will impact 2021 individual market premiums. An individual taking or testing positive for COVID-19 was not listed.

"As you saw in our resources, it’s possible that if future costs for COVID-19 are projected to be extraordinarily high, premiums may increase for everyone," David Allen, a spokesperson for AHIP said. "But you won’t be charged more based on your individual health condition or decisions.”

Our Verify researchers then contacted four major providers: CareFirst, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna and United Healthcare.

They all confirmed that neither a test nor a diagnosis of COVID-19 would impact premiums.

"The answer to both questions is 'no,'" according to a CareFirst corporate statement. "Individual market premiums and small group premiums are based on the entire experience of those buying insurance from the carrier in the state – and do not vary for a person or group based on the services that they receive.”

So we can Verify, this claim is false.

Keep in mind, our verify team looked at four specific providers. For more information about how a COVID-19 test or diagnosis could impact your premiums, make sure to look up your specific plan offered by your health insurance provider.

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