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Verify: Is the HPV vaccine effective or just a scam?

A headline from the "Anti-News Network" sparked the debate over whether the HPV vaccine is effective.


Is the HPV vaccine effective or just a scam?


We can verify that large studies and the CDC report the vaccine is effective.




The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)


According to the CDC, 14 million people, including teens, get infected with HPV every year. It’s the most common sexually transmitted infection and can lead to serious health problems, including cancer.

A headline from the “Anti-News Network” sparked the debate on whether the HPV vaccine is effective. The headline read “Lead developer of HPV vaccines comes clean, warns parents and young girls it’s all a giant deadly scam.”

“I didn’t read that article, but the headline is not correct, is not accurate,” countered Dr. Renata Sanders, who’s an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. “There is good evidence that the HPV vaccine is very safe and effective.”

Dr. Sanders said there have been large studies that look at the vaccine and conclude it’s effective in multiple countries.

The CDC’s website even states health effects caused by HPV “can be prevented with vaccines.”

Headlines like the one from the “Anti-News Network” are designed to scare readers into clicking on the stories. The longer readers spend on their website, the more money the site gets from advertisers.


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