WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The Center for Safer Wireless is claiming that Pepco's smart meters are emitting wireless radiation far more frequently than the power company admits.

This comes one week after several Pepco customers told WUSA9 that they've been experiencing irregular heartbeats and headaches after a smart meter was installed at their home.

Smart meters communicate with utility companies using wireless technology, which means they emit radio frequency radiation. The debate over the safety of smart meters is similar to the debate over cell phones and cancer in that the research is inconclusive.

However, you can choose how often you use your cell phone. But with smart meters, you don't have a choice. Pepco customers in D.C. are not allowed to opt-out of the smart meter program.

Therefore, the frequency with which those customers are exposed to this radiation is determined by Pepco. Desiree Jaworski, the interim director of the Center for Safer Wireless, believes it's happening far more frequently than the power company claims.The Center for Safer Wireless is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting their belief that smart meters are causing health problems across the United States.

This week, WUSA9 filmed Jaworski as she tested the radiation being emitted from three Pepco customers' smart meters. Pepco says that smart meter communications take place every four to six hours.

But Jaworski says, "What I found at all three locations is that these smart meters are communicating - or emitting radiation - about four to six times a minute if not more."

Jaworski's findings did not sit well with one of the homeowners, Lisa Crecelius.

"It just comes across as very dishonest," said Crecelius.

On Tuesday, WUSA9 informed Pepco Spokesman Marcus Beal of Jaworski's findings.

"I can't account for a test that we are not present at, but we are confident in the specifications of our meters and the safeness of our meters at this point," said Beal.

WUSA9 has asked Pepco for permission to accompany their experts on their own field test.

"We'll look into it," Beal said.

Pepco has already deployed smart meters to 99% of their customers in the District, and 92% of their customers in Maryland.