A local group of activists said it’s time to ‘Sack Jack.' 

Jack Evans officially stepped down as Chair Of D.C.'s Metro Committee Thursday, after an investigation found he’d broken anti-corruption rules.

That independent investigation found Evans did violate conflict of interest rules when he secretly took $50,000 from one parking company, and then used his position of power to work against the interests of another parking company competitor.

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The WMATA ethics committee never made its findings public. They were leaked to the Washington Post

Board Member Jack Horner defended how the board handled its investigation.

"The characterization of our proceedings as an act of cynicism and secrecy is wrong and unfair to the members of the committee," Horner said.

But members agreed with Clarence Crawford to take measures to "improve transparency, accountability and fairness to all parties."

"And it is a better organization today, than when I found it," Evans said, about his service.

John Capozzi is one of dozens of D.C. residents behind the website: Sack Jack. The website links to a petition for D.C. residents to sign, calling on Evans to resign.

"Really just people are frustrated with the idea that Jack is going to continue in office, he’s going to run for city council again.”

Capozzi said Evan’s ouster from the WMATA committee is a start -- but with continuing investigations into Evan’s side lobbying company by D.C. city council and the FBI, he wants to see the councilor resign all his government roles. 
"It’s clear that he can’t serve with just the interests of the residents of Ward 2," Capozzi said.

In his role on City Council, Evans continues to sit on four committees, and chairs a fifth.

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