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World's tiniest baby boy finally gets to go home

The baby boy was born 16 weeks early at a Tokyo hospital.
Credit: Getty Images/Thinkstock
A small baby seen in an incubator with an adult holding its foot.

A baby boy who weighed just 9.45 ounces at birth was finally healthy enough to go home this week after months in a Tokyo hospital, Keio University announced. 

The boy was born in August, 16 weeks early, through Caesarean-section when he stopped developing and doctors worried he wouldn't survive, according to a Reuters report.  

The baby's name has yet to be released, but his mother told Reuters that she's just "grateful that he has grown this big because, honestly, I wasn’t sure he could survive." 

At the time of his birth he was tiny enough to fit in the palm of a person's hands. 

He's believed to now be the tiniest baby boy to survive. He now weighs just over seven pounds, more than 12 times his original birth weight, according to a Telegraph report.  

According to a University of Iowa database that tracks the world's tiniest babies, a German boy born in 2009 held the record previously. 

The smallest surviving baby girl weighed just 8.8 ounces when she was born in Germany in 2015. 

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