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Va. family says their daughter was the victim of a hate crime

The family of a woman dragged in a hit & run says their daughter was the victim of a Hate Crime. State Police have charged both parties involved.
Police lights (Stock photo)

Prince William County — This family wants answers.

Both parents could not hold back tears as they described what happened to their daughter, 21-year-old Breeja Wilkins.

Shaunta Wilkins and Kevin Boston spoke at a Tuesday Prince William County NAACP Chapter meeting. They told the group that their daughter was the victim of a hate crime. A hit & run.

Photos posted to Instagram with the hashtag #justicforBreeja was quickly shared online. In those photos, you see skin ripped off from portions of the 21-year-old’s arm, shoulder, chin and hand.

"When they did the operation, they took the skin off of her of her thighs, both of her thighs to do her whole arm. Both her hands,” a tearful Shaunta Wilkins said.

"It's just very, very frustrating. I don't know what else to do,” said added, as tears ran down her face.

On May 20th, the 21-year-old told her family she was with her girlfriend in the passenger seat. They were driving south in stop-and-go traffic on I-95 in Prince William County.

Her mother says they heard noise coming from a tire and pulled over. That's when the family says a white man in a pick-up truck started yelling at Wilkins for taking off her shirt to cool down.

"He called her all kinds of names...names I'm not going to say,” Shaunta Wilkins said at the meeting. Afterwords, she told WUSA 9 the shouting included multiple N-words.

Wilkins says her daughter yelled back. Then, she says the suspect stepped out of his truck.

Breeja apparently moved to the front of the vehicle. That's when the family says the man got back inside and stepped on the gas.

Kevin Boston says his daughter was dragged as the man sped away.

The family says a Prince William County Detective told Breeja Wilkins there was video of this.

“Only thing they told us is they may charge her with obstruction of traffic,” said a very frustrated Boston.

"Something needs to be done. Something needs to be done quick,” said Shaunta Wilkins.

WUSA 9 had asked Prince William County Police about these claims around a week ago. A PWCPD Spokesperson told WUSA 9 they could not comment any further. They handed the case to Virginia State Police.

A VSP Spokesperson told WUSA 9 then, the investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday night, WUSA 9 learned VSP did charge a suspect. Robert T. McGee of Lorton, VA now faces one felony count of hit & run and one misdemeanor count for assault.

VA State Police also confirmed charges for Wilkins. “Traffic summons for being a pedestrian on the interstate and improper stopping on the interstate have been issued for Wilkins,” a VSP Spokesperson told WUSA 9 in a statement.

We’re told the incident remains under investigation.

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