Sterling, Va (WUSA9) — A new pizza and burger shop is struggling to survive after bad Yelp review blew up on social media.

It's not just about the review, but what the manager did after it was written.

"I left three stars, which I thought was fair," said Yesha Callahan, who never expected this kind of fallout for leaving a Yelp review for the burger she ordered from La Porchetta. "It was a dry burger with cheese between two large buns. On the Yelp description, it said, lettuce, tomato, some mayonnaise. That's what I was expecting."

A couple of hours after leaving her review, as she was drifting off to sleep, someone started knocking on her door.

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"I mean, I've seen horror movies. So I'm not, I don't want to get ax-murdered," said Callahan. "I'm not going to answer the door when I'm not expecting anyone."

Then came a phone call.

"When I finally listened to my voicemail, it was the manager saying he's at my door. I kind of threw the phone down, because I was like scared, like he wanted to talk to me about my Yelp review. I threw the phone down."

She called the cops, cut her review to one star, and now the restaurant is getting hammered. Yelp is hiding all the reviews, its been banned from GrubHub, and angry people are calling in fake orders, stiffing the place with hundreds of dollars in unpaid food bills.

La Porchetta has only been around a few weeks, and the manager said the controversy is killing it. It's reviews had averaged five stars, but are now down to one and a half stores. The place is dead inside.

The manager said he was just trying to do the right thing. When he saw the customer was unhappy, he made a brand new order. The burger with lettuce and tomato on it, rice pudding and Italian pastries. He said he was just trying to deliver it to her. He says it all started because the delivery service GrubHub messed up the burger description on its menu.

He now realizes now that you can't go banging on people's doors at 10 p.m. and he said he'll never do it again.

But he just hopes La Porchetta survives this.