Did the Obamas remove White House holiday nativity scene?


No, this viral rumor is false.


White House Archives


There's a lot of fake claims trending online so before you share anything, make sure you have the facts, that's where our Verify team steps in.

A social media claim has been spreading online that Melania Trump's family has replaced the nativity scene that was removed from the White House under the Obama Administration.

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Verify researchers tracked down the truth on this viral rumor is true.

Now, the nativity display isn't anything new, according to the White House Archives, the 47 carved wood figures, better known as the White House creche, has been the centerpiece of the East Room for every Christmas since 1967.

Verify researchers found this 2015 White House press release during the Obama tenure, talking about the nativity being a long standing holiday tradition on display spanning nine administrations.

There's also a 2011 video that shows a behind the scenes look at the White House holiday preps, where you can visibly see the nativity scene displayed posted on the YouTube page of

On November 26, the Trump administration put out a press release noting this is the 51 year the White House nativity scene is on display, so no way it could have removed during the eight years Barack Obama served as president.

So spread that holiday cheer, not false news. We verified the nativity scene at the White House was never banned, banished or removed by the Obamas.