Is Locks of Love charging recipients for hair that’s been donated?


No, this an old rumor that has resurfaced.


Locks of Love, Charity Navigator


Our Verify team helps sort out what's real and what's fake when it comes the stuff you see shared online. So when Ken Morgan from Adelphi, Maryland saw a claim made on social media about a popular charity, we stepped in.

“I've been seeing a story online on Facebook and Twitter about how Locks of Love has been charging cancer patients up to one thousand dollars for hair that they've had donated, can you verify this?"

Our researchers first took a closer look at Locks of Love. In 2017 they responded to the circulating that's been circulating for two years.

Locks of Love confirmed the post is totally bogus saying all of their clients who qualify get their custom hairpieces FREE OF CHARGE and chatter of the charging recipients based on a "sliding scale" -- also untrue.

So why all the confusion? It could be this. Locks of Love said sometimes people donate hair that's gray or too short. Those donations aren't used for the custom hair pieces, so instead of throwing that hair away, they sell that hair to offset manufacturing costs.

No need to cut ties with Locks of Love, this post is false. Remember to monitor the charities you support with inspecting sites like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.