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VERIFY: Can drinking Gin & Tonic cure the common cold?

Can drinking Gin & Tonic cure the common cold?


Does drinking gin and tonic fight off the common cold?


No, experts say this not a proven method to work.


William Schaffner, MD

Professor of Preventive Medicine, Department of Health Policy


Don't believe anything you see on social media until its verified.The WUSA9 Verify team talks with vetted experts to get you the absolute truth.

Like this article blowing up online that says to drink gin and tonic this winter to prevent getting the common cold.

I'm sure its effective for calming your nerves when the in-laws are in your face...but will it keep you healthy?

First red flag about this article-- it doesn't specify what exact "study" backs up the claim that gin and tonic ward off the common cold.

So our researchers contacted a medical expert at Vanderbilt University to get facts.

Dr. William Schaffner said gin and tonic is not proven to treat the common cold because alcohol is not going to prevent OR kill the germs caused by a viral infection, so it's not actually curing anything

Now if you have a cold you can get SOME symptomatic relief by drinking a hot toddy.

Experts say the mixture of whiskey, water, lemon, tea, and honey won't ACTUALLY treat your cold but the hot liquid combination can feel soothing and can lead to better sinus drainage.

Don't bank on this remedy, we verified gin and tonics are not proven to prevent or cure common colds.

However, some brands of tonic water contain the ingredient quinine. Quinine is derived from bark of the chinchona tree found in warm climates and is a proven remedy to fight malaria. You can read more about that HERE.

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