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Paralyzed kitten surprises everyone by walking, running

When a two-month-old kitten was found in a storm drain, it didn't look good - she could barely hold her head up, and she was paralyzed.

But thanks to the incredible people at the Humane Rescue Alliance, they never stopped believing in the little lady, and now, she's surprising everyone.

"When they found her she couldn't move her back legs or her tail or anything," said Nikki Link, a vet nurse at the Humane Rescue Alliance.

Tallyrand, as the kitten was named, had a broken back and was paralyzed.

"She could not walk at all, she just wasn’t responding," said Link.

But the staff at the Humane Rescue Alliance weren't ready to give up on her.

"We started acupuncture on her," said Link.

After about a month of treatments, Tallyrand started showing progress: a little tail wag there, some legging kicking, too. And then, she stood up on her own.

"We were holding her and we just decided to let her go, it was the most exciting thing," remembers Link.

Tallyrand started walking and running. Now, she's unstoppable.

"This kitty has a mind of her own," said Link.

As for the decision to save Tallyrand, for the folks at the Humane Rescue Alliance, there was never any question.

"It is something in your being, that comes with the love of the animal. It's something you know what you have to do, you can't save them all, but the ones you can save, that's the best part."

Tallyrand will be up for adoption soon and whoever is lucky enough to take her home should know she will need a little extra care and possibly physical therapy.

"This is what makes our world go round," said Link. "This is our life, this is what we do."

Tallyrand is at the Oglethorpe Humane Rescue Alliance shelter. For more information about Tallyrand and other adoptable animals, click here.

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