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We're all in this together: Breast cancer survivor donates "Glam Gowns" to hospital

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ARLINGTON, Va. — Elise Yanker-Hasenei, known as Lisey to her friends and family went through breast cancer treatment six years ago.

She says every time she put on a drab hospital gown her mood just tanked.

Lisey said, "It was just flat out depressing. The choice between bad snowflakes something that looks like gray Formica or puke green. The whole thing just stunk."

So, Lisey went home and tried something.

"I pulled out one of my mom’s old 1970 tunics and I started cutting patterns and I thought I’m just gonna see what I come up with," she said.

What she came up with was a comfortable, brightly colored "Glam Gown" she says she designed to ease the journey through the disease

There’s Jane’s Power Pink, Betsy’s Bold Blue and RuthAnne’s Grateful Garden. Each is named in honor of a breast cancer survivor.

Lisey said, "It was really to elevate people’s moods to give them a sense of control in a situation you have very little control."

And when the outbreak hit, Lisey says she wanted to help the patients and staff at her treatment center. So, she donated all of the Glam Gowns she had in stock to the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington.

"It just sparks a different energy and I think people who are going through this experience right now," she explained.

She said, "Whether it is some of the incredible staff that work there whether it’s folks who have got the virus. I just hope that they help inject and infuse some light into a very tough situation."

Lisey is looking to make and donate more Glam Gowns which are manufactured in Fairfax, Virginia and has set up the Go Lisey Covid Glam Gown Go Fund Me Campaign

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Credit: WUSA9