WASHINGTON -- You’ve probably heard the terms: Block chain, crypto currency, or Bit Coin. They are all parts of a new online marketplace. Someone needs to explain them to Congress. That is where Perianne Boring is the expert on all things Block chain.

Boring is the founder and CEO of the first block chain trade association: The Digital Chamber of Commerce. If you are not familiar with Block chain, here is how she explained it:

“Think of it as the railroad track is the protocol it is the technology it is the Block chain and the cars are what is transferred on it (like Bit Coin).”

Boring started out working for a Congressman on Capitol Hill. Her initial goal was to advance legislation to deal with the 2008 financial crisis.

But, in 2011 that led her to the world of Blockchain.

“The industry needed to have some type of dedicated group in Washington that could be a resource to the policy community,” she said.

As in—they needed a lobbyist. Boring stepped up. In 2013 she started the Digital Chamber of Commerce.

The goal was to keep lawmakers and policy creators informed on what was true about Block chain technology and crypto currency- and what was false.

In four years its grown massively. more block chain and crypto currency companies join them and Perrianne’s travels have taken her everywhere

“Right now we are the largest trade association in the world representing companies in the Block chain space,” she said