WALDORF, MD -- A 2016 delegate for Donald Trump has been sentenced to 16 years in federal prison and lifetime supervised release for charges that include illegal possession of unregistered machine guns, unregistered short-barreled rifles, and unregistered destructive devices, and for possession of child pornography.

Caleb Andrew Bailey, 32, won a delegate spot for Maryland's fifth congressional district in April 2016.

A spokesperson for then-candidate Donald Trump told WUSA9, "we strongly condemn these allegations..."

The GOP quickly distanced itself from Bailey, and said they planned to replace him "immediately."

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Bailey was indicted in May 2016. His case broke wide open when he tried to send 300 rounds of ammunition in a package that ruptured at a United States Postal Service Office location in Capitol Heights Maryland in February 2016.

Federal prosecutors said Bailey was so concerned about the package, he called twice to check on it. IN he first call, he used a fake name. In the second call, he used his true identity.


Law enforcement planned a meeting with Bailey for May 5, 2016, but he never showed up. That was enough for agents to move forward with a search and arrest warrant.

Inside Bailey's home, agents found an underground bunker containing machine guns, machine gun manufacturing parts and devices, other firearms, explosives, unregistered short-barreled rifles and destructive devices, covert recording devices and child pornography on electronic devices.

Bailey has been in custody since his arrest. The judge accounted for the two years Bailey has already spent behind bars, meaning he will serve up to 14 years behind bars if he has no incidents in federal prison.