BELTSVILLE, Md. -- Are you ready to take dinner back to school? There is a new education system opening in Beltsville, Maryland where the main course of study is pizza.

Pizza University is culinary school created with one thought in mind: to create better pizza across the country.

“There are 70,000 pizzerias in the United States. That generates $40 billion in revenue from pizza. We eat roughly 350 slices per second,” Pizza University founder Francesco Marra said. “But, there is not one pizza school.”

Marra and his family are better known as the owners of the Marra forni wood fired brick oven company. For more than 10 years the native of Naples, Italy have created brick ovens for pizzerias across the country.

This year the Marra family wanted to help improve the pizza too. That is where the idea for Pizza University started.

Pizza University offers several classes on traditional pizza making, but they also have courses in other culinary arts. The teachers are world renowned chefs and pizzaioli’s.

For more information go to Pizza University’s website.